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The purpose of this page is to help people find references to gravity applications and instrumentation. The links below are to public "Google Scholar" pages and do not imply an endoresement or relationship between the author and Scintrex or Micro-g LaCoste.

Publications by Scintrex and Micro-g LaCoste Authors


Publications by Others in the Gravity Community (Sorted alphabetically by the author's last name)






Massive Ice and Ice-Rich Soil Detection by Gravimetric Surveying at Dry Creek, Southwestern Yukon Territory, Canada at:



Estimating specific yield and storage change in an unconfined aquifer using temporal gravity surveys at:

Using ground-based time-lapse gravity observations for hydrological model calibrations at:
Time-lapse surface to depth gravity measurements on a karst system reveal the dominant role of the epikarst as a water storage entity at:
The use of microgravity technique in archaeology: A case study from the St.Nicolas Church in Pukanec, Slovakia
Gravity changes from a stress evolution earthquake simulation of California at:


Measuring gravity on ice: An example from Wanapitei Lake, Ontario, Canada



Borehole Gravity

Gravity in the 21st Century



Resistivity for Archeological Targets

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