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Earth Studies
The long-period monitoring of the earth’s gravitational field is best done with low-drift zero-length spring gravimeter such as the gPhoneX Gravity Meter or with absolute gravimeters such as the FG5-X.
Earth Tide monitoring:
A zero-length metal spring gravimeter such as the gPhoneX Gravity Meter is best suited for Earth Tide Monitoring because of its low-drift characteristics.
Absolute gravimeters such as the FG5-X are also perfectly suited for this application.
Density studies:
The subsurface distribution of densities has an immediate effect on local gravity anomalies. This is the basis of the gravity method. In such applications, a relative gravity meter such as the CG-6 Autograv or CG-5 Autograv Gravity Meter is the most appropriate.
The Gravilog borehole gravity sonde can be used to determine the bulk density of formation traversed by the borehole.
Tectonic studies:
The study of the movements of tectonic plates can be carried out using a relative gravity meters, such as the gPhoneX Gravity Meter  or absolute gravimeters such as the FG5-X. 
Earthquake studies:
The gPhoneX gravity meter has a superlative frequency response; better than seismometers which were specifically designed for this type of application, which makes it perfect for earthquake studies.
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