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 CG-6 Autograv Gravity Meter   CG-6 Autograv Image

The CG-6 Autograv™ is the next generation land gravity meter combining a modern, intuitive user interface with our renowned quartz sensor technology housed in a rugged yet lightweight enclosure. The new CG-6 offers fast, reliable and precise gravity measurements and includes an array of mapping and post processing functionality with our new Lynx LG software conveniently installed on the tablet computer, provided as a standard feature.


Download the CG-6 Brochure




TRIDENT Vertical Gravity Gradient Tripod 


The tripod has a rigid structure that accurately positions the gravity meter at predetermined levels for a quick and precise measurement of the vertical gravity gradient. 

The three different levels enable the detection of a non-linear vertical gravity gradient in rugged terrain. 

The design accommodates CG-5 or CG-6 Autograv  gravity meters. 




Download the TRIDENT Brochure



PET Monitorin MetergPhoneX Gravimeter

The Micro-g LaCoste gPhoneX gravity meter uses the Zero-Length Spring™ sensor technology to provide microGal repeatabily with vey low static drift which makes it the best suited as a monitoring meter. Whether you are interesed in earthquake or valcanic studies, earth tide  or reservoir monitoring, the gPhoneX will out perform all others.  The gPhoneX can also be used as an ultra sensitive low frequency seismometer for these areas of studies. 

Download the gPhoneX Brochure 


PET Monitorin MeterODIN Leveling Platform

 A precision leveling and stabilizing platform for gPhone, gPhoneX and other instrumentation.

Specifically tailored to the gPhone and gPhoneX gravity meters, the Odin Leveling Platform uses three temperature controlled hydraulic legs to precisely control tilt with sub-arcsecond resolution. The platform is actively servo-controlled to maintain level, allowing the gravity meter to measure continuously over long periods of time.

Download the ODIN Brochure        

For more information please see our sister company’s Website at www.microglacoste.com/gPhoneX.htm




  INO Sea-Floor Gravity Meter

The INO sea-floor gravity meter uses the well proven CG-5 Autograv™ fused quartz sensor in a submersible system. The INO is easy to operate, self-contained and comes in a standard model for 600m depths. For deeper applications, please contact one of the Sales Representatives.  



  MGS-6   (Marine Gravity System)


Micro-g LaCoste is proud to announce the next generation of marine based dynamic gravity meters: The Marine Gravity System-6 (MGS-6). It represents the next generation in a long line of LaCoste-based dynamic gravity systems, stretching back to the first successful dynamic gravity meter tests on ships more than 50 years ago. Note though, that the MGS-6 is more than a simple upgrade to the Air-Sea System II (AS-2). The MGS-6 is based on the smaller, lighter, more power-efficient TAGS-6  (airborne) platform, and employs the same full-force feedback sensor. In both systems, the platform control and data acquisition system have been overhauled, resulting in unparalleled data quality.

Download the MGS-6 brochure

For more information please see our sister company’s Website at www.microglacoste.com/mgs-6.php 




TAGS-6 Dynamic Gravity Meter

TAGS-6 (click on the above image for a detailed view) represents the latest development in a long line of LaCoste-based airborne gravity systems, stretching back to the first successful airborne gravity flights in 1958 and building on the success of the TAGS System. For over 50 years, LaCoste gravimeters have acquired hundreds of thousands of line kilometers of gravity data during academic, government, and commercial surveys. TAGS-6 blends the latest in GPS and data acquisition technology with the solid foundation of the LaCoste dynamic gravimeter.

TAGS-6 is an upgrade to the TAGS/Air III gravity meter, and is designed specifically for airborne operations. The system incorporates a time-tested, low-drift, zero-length-spring gravity sensor mounted on a gyro-stabilized gimbal platform. The sensor has a worldwide gravity measuring range (no reset necessary) of 500,000 milliGals. Download the TAGS-6 Brochure


For more information please see our sister company’s Website at   www.microglacoste.com/tags-6.htm



 FG5-X Absolute GavimeterFG5-X and FGL Absolute Gravimeter
Recognized standard for measuring gravity.  The new FG5-X system uses the well established free-fall technique of measuring gravity.


  • Extended free-fall chamber length 
  • Improved Electronics
  • Improved reliability
  • Redigned drive system

Patented vertical in-line interferometer

  • Built-in collimation optics for verticality alignment
  • Drag-free chamber surrounds the freely falling test mass
  • Portable standard in Absolute Gravity

Download the FG5-X Brochure

Download the FGL Brochure

For more information please see our sister company’s Website at   www.microglacoste.com/fg5.htm



A-10 Outdoor Absolute GavimeterA10  Outdoor Absolute Gravimeter
The A10 is an absolute gravimeter optimized for fast data acquisition and portability in outdoor applications. The instrument allows operation in harsh field conditions on open outdoor sites in the sun, snow, and wind.

  • Automated leveling
  • Battery operated
  • Temperature controlled sensor
  • Ideal roadside operation from a vehicle


 Download the A10 Brochure

For more information please see our sister company’s Website at   www.microglacoste.com/a10.htm


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